Play with clay!

Hey guys!

I’ve finally got the chance to try out this pottery store called Play With Clay for mother’s day here in Guelph. I know this post is late since mother’s day was a little over last week, but we were just able to pick up our finished pottery on Sunday, so I thought I would share the results on my blog!


Play With Clay had the option of either moulding your own piece from scratch, which would ย be a 2 week process or simply painting an already finished piece, which we opted to do. The process of painting and glazing a piece only takes about 1 week. Prices vary from each piece but usually range from 25 – 35 CAD dollars.ย There was a huge variety of pieces to choose from! My mom and my sister decided on a mug and I chose to paint a bowl for my dog, Milo.

Pottery momma!


The finished pieces before being put into the kiln.


Here are the final results!

Loved the way all of our pieces turned out! The colour really becomes a lot more vibrant after they are put into the kiln. I would definitely come back again and try moulding some of my own pieces next time!

If you happen to be in Guelph one day, be sure to check this place out! Also, here’s their link:ย

Hope you guys thought this was cool, and see you on my next post! I also encourage you guys to try something new with your family and friends, whether it be pottery, rock climbing, paint night… anything!




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